Top Ten Reasons to Get Married in Ontario

Or, Hooch to get hitched to in Ottawa on June 17, 2006.

keith haringMy dear friend Catherine is planning a beautiful June wedding. The invitations, wonderful Keith Haring-inspired cards which she made herself, are fantastic. A real testament to do-it-yourself quality.

For the wine to be served during her reception, Catherine thought she might hand-select some affordable but respectable bottles. That way, she could avoid having the usual bulk wine hauled in, such as Kressmann. I've never had Kressmann's jug wine, and up until now I assumed it was made from cheap Ontario grapes. It actually is a French product, and I'm sure it's incapable of ruining a wedding reception.

Nevertheless, upon request I provided some names of bottles in the $10-15 range that are available through the LCBO site -- hence that ever-important LCBO/Vintages number that follows the price. I'm sure the list below could be lengthened with additional ideas for pleasing dinner wines. Feel free to add your suggestion.

  1. W Château Bonnet $12.90 LCBO 83709
  2. R La Vieille Ferme $10.55 LCBO 263640
  3. W Mission Hill Pinot Blanc $12.95 LCBO 300301
  4. R Fortant de France Merlot $11.70 LCBO 433177
  5. W Concha Y Toro Trio $13.95 VINTAGES 433938
  6. R Concha Y Toro Trio $14.95 VINTAGES 433912
  7. R Rocca Delle Macie Chianti $10.55 LCBO 269589
  8. R Deakin Estate Shiraz $12.10 LCBO 560821
  9. W Gentil Hugel $14.95 VINTAGES 367284
  10. R Etchart Cafayate Cab Sauv $10.10 LCBO 362186


michael said...

I'll add my suggestion, although I thought it was a bit cheaper. STREWN wineries CABERNETS LCBO 612820, has been my around the house or party wine of late, but now that I see the price at $14.95, I'll have to reconsider.
Despite all that cab power, it's a fruity wine that makes me think of Valpolicella.

Tammy said...

How about Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages (http://www.celebrate-wine.com/50226711/georges_duboeuf_beaujolaisvillages_equals_stud.php)

g58 said...

Or better yet, JAFFELIN BOURGOGNE PASSETOUTGRAIN (2004), LCBO Item # 51862, $ 13.95