It's the 100% most boring post of all time

Weingolb is too young to die; too tedious to keep soldiering on without a tiresome play-by-play. So here is the most boring blog post ever. [It's so boring, I fell asleep before I could finish uploading it on Friday.]


This is the 100th post on Doktor Weingolb, and a few days ago this site saw for the very first time 100+ visitors within 24 hours.

But wait! There's more...

a la wine top forty rankThe debut appearance by Weingolb on Alawine's 100 Top Wine Blog Rankings has also just been announced. Weingolb is number 43! (See clickable image.)

And that's not all. Also during this past week, I've hosted visitor 3000 and now today I'm acknowledging Weingolb's five-month anniversary! December 1, 2005 seems like just yesterday. Yeah! I'm hosting, or whatever it is they say on Saturday Night Live.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge receiving the 100th response to this blog. The comments, emails, and hate letters have at long last tallied up to 100. Here's hoping I don't have to wait as long for the next hundred.

So it's a sudden surge of benchmarks here at Doktor Weingolb. I found the succession of events so stupefyingly uninteresting that I had to publish them. Sometimes this stuff is too good to keep to yourself.


Trish said...

Keep the faith, doc!

Tim Jacobs said...

Congrats on all those firsts! Keep it up!

Jathan said...

Nice work, keep it up...

Collin C. said...

I raise my half full glass to you....CHEERS!