Today's post: "Sauvignon Blank"

This space is devoted to reaction to the recent claims of Mike Steinberger, who wrote that the Sauvignon Blanc "grape is a dud, producing chirpy little wines wholly devoid of complexity and depth ... limp, lemony liquid that grows progressively more boring with each sip."
drawing a sauvignon blank


g58 said...

The only thing worse than a put-down is an overgeneralized put-down, which is negativity, bad karma and prejudice. Ouch -- that's three strikes and you're out of the wine blogging world, as far as I'm concerned.

caveman said...

dude should get a chardonnay enema

Jathan said...

That should rid him of those mind controlling parasites in his colon.

taj said...

That sauv blanc article is the biggest waste of space I've seen in a long time. I don't get it...why expend energy making an arguement against a *grape* variety? What a talentless tool. Good for you for pointing that out.