Whitney Houston crack photos and my PageRank, together again!

Once again, googling leads to giggling... Click this image and take a long lingering look at the search engine suggestions.

photographic evidence: how whitney houston finds her crack lately

Doh! Apart from some sponsored links, Google says Doktor Weingolb is your first stop on the Internet when you need to get your Whitney Houston crack photo fix. And proudly so!

Or no. Not really at all. What's Google thinking? It's not the first time I've asked. Time to get answers.

If you sometimes ponder the appropriateness of Google search results, then read this Sunday Business article called Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine which recently appeared in the New York Times. It's interesting, if only for the idea that Google is the search engine leader of pack because it knows how to translate too brief, too vague or mistyped queries into exactly the online information that its users want.

For example, a search term like "apple" is not the same as "Apple", according to the sociolinguists at Google. Cracking good work but maybe it's not all that it's cracked up to be.

Someone looking for crack photos featuring Whitney Houston is offered my wine photos from NoHo where I chose to crack open a bottle of wine. :(

I figure I can sell a good Viognier to anyone anyday yet I think this amounts to one blog visitor who's very displeased with my referral.

Further reading: Google PageRank: What Do We Know About It?, Smashing Magazine


Brooklynguy said...

Wow - the folks at Google must know something about you that you don't want revealed to the general public. I admire their spirit of generosity with information.

semi.superlative said...

...or maybe google just has a finer sense of the readership of your blog than you realize. i mean, come on... let's take a superficial look at the evidence. wine and food, popstars and gossip...? even the plaid shirts couldn't cover that one up...

Joe said...

Hmmm - methinks the good Dok is playing with the google engine to get more hits? ;) Hillarious.

Marcus said...

True story folks, for whatever reason.

But yes, if you blog about a weird Google hit but once, you will be repaid with Google hits twentyfold.

Joe, I think I'm gonna trade in for a fortune cookie blog.

Joe said...

fortune cookie blog? now that would be fun to write...