What's a wine blog good for anyway?

According to Google, which kindly supplies me the majority of this site's visitors, Doktor Weingolb is worth checking out if you're looking for any of the following things:

  • driving distance from pauillac france to saint martin la caussade france

  • boy lovers québec

  • proper temperature for manischewitz blackberry wine

  • de state eye doktor

  • ass tasters

  • what does quiche lorraine, spaghetti marinara, pizza and bread have in common

  • Oaked
and, perhaps most instructively of all...

  • wedding photos by a lake

When I see that I get hits from web searches like these it causes me some wonder. I wonder what my sidebar would look like if I redesigned it. A new design that would emphasize key words like the ones above? Hmmm....

doctor weingolb doktor weingold dr wine blog
OK bad idea. I'll try not to rely on search engines for the focus and design of Doktor Weingolb in the months to come.

The fact is search engines have got a strange way of funneling Internet surfers to these pages. Perhaps I can imagine some of these search terms -- when taken in a different context of course -- getting Weingolb listed in people's Google results. But I mean really, folks searching for "Oaked" and being sent to my site? That's beyond the pale. Landing here in the hunt for some "ass tasters" -- well, at least that's a notion I can entertain. (I bet Jancis Robinson and her newly redesigned site can only wish that she was getting just a piece of the ass-tasting traffic flowing through these parts.)


Right. About my point. I'll tell you what a wine blog is good for: wine reviews and food pairing profiles.

It's a been a long summer of drinking and eating without much discipline and now I am returning to my journalistic ways. I've got more tasting notes already in the bag plus copious amounts still on the way, all carefully recorded and lovingly typed up to share with the world, including all you boy lovers and ass tasters out there. C'mon, don't be shy, I do know you're out there and want to take a peek at what Weingolb's got.

Stayed tuned.


GollyGumDrops said...

I recently got the google analytics thingamebob for looking at how people find their way to by blog. There's some odd 'bum rash' searches, 'hot, sweaty, ass' and 'men in lycra'. I'm sure there's a lot of disappointed visitors.

g58 said...


I just got a web referral from Google moments ago and I'm thinking about appending it to the list above.

"doktor fill" were the search terms.

Yes, indeed the Doktor here will fill your glass, but I doubt Dr. Phil ever will.

semi.superlative said...

that was all very clever... i hope you're pleased with yourself. have you been on your computer all day coming up with that?

as for dr. phil, you could file it under "man juices..." except, ew! how bout tomorrow you recommend what wine(s) work best to drown out unchristian visions of dr. phil and a champagne flute?