All of the sudden, plans for the weekend

what to buy wine blogging wednesday 33 languedoc-roussillon bargains shopping listSometimes the stars align... sometimes government agencies do too. I thought this weekend was going to be boring and rainy. Not so!

I woke this morning to read news that today is the start of a three-day long $100 sale at the SAQ. Then I heard that the métro system is entirely free of all transit charges all weekend long. With WBW 33 coming up next month, these developments can mean only thing.

People of Montreal, this means we shop.

If you're like me you don't have a car. This can play against you at the SAQ, the province-wide supplier of wine in Quebec. The SAQ frequently rewards those who buy by the case-load (rather than those friendly folk like myself who pop in almost every day to say hi and buy bottle).

Not bitter.

I can swing a case no problem when I've got a free pass on Montreal's transit system, the STM. Read about no-fare passage all day Saturday and Sunday on buses and subways in this story. Not to be outdone, the SAQ starts its special promotion today, making a long weekend out of its discount sale (check for details before you go).


Here's how I plan on getting a hundred dollars' worth of wine and pay no transit fare to cart it all the way home to my cave (note that all of these babies would be perfect candidates for Wine Blogging Wedensday 33: Languedoc-Roussillon value wines):

Château de Sauvanes Faugères 2001 $20.60
Château des Adouzes Faugères 2001 $19.30
Château de Pennautier Collection Privée Cabardès 2001 $17.70
Les Fiefs d'Aupenac (blanc) St-Chinian 2005 $17.90
Viognier Domaine Cazal Viel Vin de Pays d'Oc 2005 $17.45


Eric said...

Anything at 1600, boul. Le Corbusier - Local # 122, the only SAQ within case-carrying walking distance to one of the new stations (Montmorency)?

Marcus said...

Laval's store on Le Corbusier is a "classique" format SAQ so it's not the most perfect option for SAQ meets the STM for WBW.

Of the quick list of five bottles I mentioned in this post, only the Viognier Domaine Cazal Viel Vin de Pays d'Oc is stocked.

That post I promised on Vin de Pays is the next one I post, I swear.

Marcus said...

STL (Laval Transit Corporation) Chairman Jean-Jacques Beldié announced: "For the purpose of sharing in this momentous occasion with all Laval residents, STL transit will also be free on April 28 and 29."

Surprise! This means Eric's concern for an SAQ store that is walking distance to a Laval metro is moot point. (The announcement was in the linked story all along.)

Who's got a SAQ superstore they can recommend in Laval?