Wine Blogging Wednesday #33 will be Languedoc-Roussillon value wines

Mid-priced wines from the Midi

Mid-priced wines from the Midi Longeduc-Rousillion wbw logo lenndeavors emblemThe theme for the 33rd edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday is Languedoc-Roussillon value wines or what I like to call "Mid-priced wines from the Midi".

In May, WBW participants can choose any type of wine from the southern French region of Languedoc-Roussillon (which is often referred to as the Midi).

One catch: the price. Since it has been argued by many wine experts that specifically the mid-priced wines coming out of this region are the greatest values, only bottles in the $15-$30 range will be part of the event. The idea is to analyze the "value for the money" claim. Then on Wednesday, May 16, post your review. When you do so, please let everyone know where you've posted it by entering a comment now. (Those without a place to post their entry can enter it directly in a comment field.) Then comes my round-up, which I hope won't be too far behind that.

In an effort to be as inclusive as possible I've already converted the price range into different currencies. $15-30 in American funds is roughly equal to $17-34 Canadian; $18-36 Australian; £7.50-£15; €11-22.

Now that you've got your budget, you may ask yourself how you can be sure your bottle is from Languedoc-Roussillon. The best way to know for sure is to look for one of the region's appellation names on the bottle label. Languedoc-Roussillon appellations, as well as some key producers to look for, are broken down in this useful listing.

Hope you find a great Midi bottle and post about it on the third Wednesday in May.

In the meantime, please stay tuned to this site for many more posts full of interesting background information on Languedoc-Roussillon.


Dr. Debs said...

Great theme, Marcus. Thanks for the ample lead time. I have bottles under $15 from this region but none over so I am in for a treat!

Sonadora said...

Excellent Marcus. I will have to be on the hunt again....I rarely have any French wines around (My CA wines like to beat them up.).

Marcus said...

That's the kind of fighting spirit I like to hear Sonadora. This is a throwdown!

Honestly, I think a lot of participants are going to be surprised at the calibre that some of these wines bring.

Dr. Debs: I'm pretty much with you. It's only lately that I've tried to make an effort and go up to $30 on these wines. There are great discoveries to be made!

I'll be posting lots more information over the next couple of weeks so I hope you'll continue to check in.

winedeb said...

I read Sonadora's blog every day and saw her posting today of your hosting WBW. I would enjoy participating. I live in Key West but will be in Cincinnati at that time. So I am sure I will be able to come up with a sure hit. I plan on spending ample time in the wine shops there and here is another great reason!

Zvine Schnob said...

Well well well..... the hunt begins!!!!

Joe said...

Good choice - I think I have a few tricks up my sleeve!

Marcus said...

Winedeb: Please do join us. The more the merrier -- and the more debs the better. (Are you related to Dr Debs?) Happy shopping!

Zvine Schnob: Happy hunting to you. By the way, you sound like you are related to Doktor Weingolb... The more the doctors, the more weinschnobs, the better.

Joe: Glad you can contribute a champion contender. (But watch out for Sonadora's Cali wines.) Any new midi conseils lately?

RougeAndBlanc said...

I read a lot about WBWs but have never contributed before. Please let me know how to do so?

Iris said...

Languedoc-Roussillon wines from 11 to 22 Euro - well, I think there will be no problem in finding that in my cellar. Most of the top wines of the region enter this range! And it will be easier for me to participate then for the first edition of "vendredis du vin" (the new french version of WWW)last month, which asked for wines with less than 12°Vol, which were realy rare on my shelfs.

Marcus said...

To rougeandblanc: aside from the instructions in my post, I can tell you that your options for contributing are:

a) enter your review like you entered your comment above. The comment field you would use will be available as the WBW 33 date gets closer (the idea really is to wait until Wednesday May 16 to share reviews)

b) if you have your own blog, post your review there. In that case, the only information you need in including as the comment is the URL to your blog post. This how most people participate.

In either case (and I didn't explain this in my post but probably should've) don't forget the key details about the wine. Things that people who participate in WBWs should always make sure to include in their reviews are: Name of wine, wine producer, specific origin, vintage, price paid. Then of course you've got your tasting notes and overall evaluation.

Hope that answers your question!

maarten said...

Ha, this is a great wbw-episode!

Kelly said...

Super theme Marcus! Annie and I are in!

Joe said...

Hi Marcus - I have been out of town five of the past seven weeks, so I have been missing them. My spies tell me I didn't miss much. Spain next Tuesday sounds like a winner...
Come on Sonadora, bring em on!

RougeAndBlanc said...

thanks for your information. Much appreciated.

Marcus said...

Iris, Maarten and Kelly: I'm really glad this has sparked an interest for you.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Joe, thanks for the midi conseil update. My work schedule will finally change in May (work being strictly non-WBW-related in this case). I hope to be able to check in at Art de Vivre... It's been a long long time.

Nate said...

Hi Marcus - so, I presume your list of Languedoc-Roussillon producers was more of a suggestion than a requirement for this WBW, right? I came across a great wine at a local French wine tasting event from Dom Le Pas de L'Escalette (their 2004 Les Clapas Rouge) which was just fantastic. This Dom didn't make the list, but they're from Coteaux du Languedoc - that'll qualify, yes?

Marcus said...

Hi Nate,

Yes, you presume right. Profiling a recommended producer from the list is not a requirement. As you say it's the place that the wine comes from (and the price) that will make a wine qualify.

The bottle you have in mind looks like it's a VdP or a "Vin de Pays" wine: Domaine Pas de L'Escalette LAS CLAPAS Rouge VdP de l'Herault

This means the nomenclature on your bottle label will look different from those on my little guide list -- your bottle won't be any of the 10 AOC designations that I've listed.

But don't worry. That's OK too! Herault is definitely a place name within Languedoc-Roussillon. Vin de pays will be the subject of a large post on Monday because it definitely needs to be introduced with the topic of this WBW. Hope that helps for now.

Bill said...

Excellent, excellent theme! Turns out I don't have any qualifying wines in the cellar, so I'll definitely have to go shopping. What a shame.

Roger said...

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Sharing the love of wine.

best regards,

Roger Mills

Marcus said...

Bill, have fun shopping! I hope you pick a winner.

Roger, I like the brief clip about vines stretched out in a V reaching to the sun -- that reminded me of the Midi. Hope you join us on May 16.