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Thanks for the memory stick. Here's a quick little dinner gallery of thumbnails I threw together from images that have been occupying my flash drive. Usually I pick a single image from my digital photo album and run it; being especially low on IT resources these days I figured I'd maximize efforts and post everything I had stored on the tiny drive! Hope you like.

I discovered these shots by surprise, much like digging into the pocket of last season's jacket and discovering a $20 bill. They sure are handy, those memory sticks. Mine was torn off its keychain long ago, lost its protective cap, stepped on and taped up with hockey tape, dropped in water and left out to dry. Yet it still functions. Meanwhile Site Meter continues to flounder and my laptop is still in the shop recovering from essential repair involving a serious directory error.

The good news is that in a couple of hours, I'll have my iBook back in my hands. My site meter, still AWOL, should be back at about the same time, fingers crossed, making both events Saturday morning crises that were looked at Monday and solved by Thursday. Knock on wood.


Joe said...

Hi Dok. Hope your technology is recovering. FYI - had the Campo Ai Sassi Castelgiocondo rosso-di-montalcino 2004 in Winnipeg on Saturday, and I REALLY liked it - an interesting Italian for drinking now. I just looked it up on SAQ.com and it was on sale - looks to be well stocked. I think I will hunt some down tomorrow. Cheers!

Marcus g58 said...

Thanks for the wake-up call Joe.

I've been backing up, reinstalling and updating my system since late last week. Hope to get to some new posting soon.

That Campo Ai Sassi is currently in my desk at the office! Glad you've given it a good review -- I'll buy more before the sale ends.

One you might want to buy up is the Illuminati. It's a new Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, $13.70 on sale. Typical of the region -- big zingy cherry and licorice. I drink it like pop. Says serve at 18-20 C but I'd chill it a bit. Very quaffable.

Joe said...

Great! I have been travelling and unable to post, but should be back up and running by the weekend. I will look for the Illuminati as well (I have a desk full of SAQ printouts with your suggestions). Went to the Italian Midi Conseils today - they served the Cesare Gavi (I blogged that recently) and a few others. More on that later. Cheers!

LindaS said...

Hi,(not to do with this blog entry but...) you may already know but the Dupéré Barrera - Terres de Mediterranée is back at the SAQ. Already the stock is running out. (I'm letting you know because this is actually how I found your blog in the first place - doing an internet search). Anyone who's interested - my advice to you - call first!

Brooklynguy said...

Where are you Marcus??? Have you foresaken us?

Marcus said...

Please continue to talk amongst yourselves. For a topic, how about LindaS's comment? Anyone trying to get their hands on the Dupéré-Barreras? Discuss.

Seriously, I do apologize. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. But goodness, no need to fret!