How to piece Weingolb back together again

broken glass repair how to fix chipped crystal stemware
Today I received the two greatest comments to this blog ever. Or at least I'm very tempted to think they are the greatest. They came this afternoon about an hour apart from each other and glommed on to the post previous to this like a bear cub to mama Panda bear. One from a total stranger, one from a fellow blogger whom I've met only in cyberspace.

First off, it pains me to think that Weingolb could be going away.

That would mean no more comments like LindaS's. She provided an amazing wine tip and did so only because she stumbled upon this blog when researching her nifty little tip online. The thoughtful stranger who in her endeavours reveals kindness and a hidden kinship.

And no more words from Neil of Brooklynguyloveswine.blogspot.com who makes cyberspace seem a lot more human that it could possibly pretend to be. Neil, thanks for taking the time to write! It's always nice to be noticed. (And some folks like Neil seem to know that it's even nicer to reach out when you've NOT been noticed.)

So let me say that these two comments were so rewarding that, yes, here am I posting what feels like the first real post in much too long. So this is a bit of a thank-you, dear commenters. And an apology too. I should explain (and for some reason I need to turn this into a game).

The reason this blog has been quiet on the new entries is because I have been tremendously busy. What have I been up to?

  1. I won the lottery.

  2. I earned a major promotion.

  3. I accepted a regular column on another blog.

  4. I set off fire alarms with each attempt to select "Publish Post".

  5. I pulled the guts out of my iBook; then formatted my hard drive, just for fun.

  6. I had a massive freakout session when Safari suddenly stopped uploading my files to Blogger.

  7. I panicked when "statistics for visitors from the last 16629 minutes" were not yet available on my site meter.

  8. I drank two entire bottles of dep wine that I picked up from a gas station and then decided to take a long LONG look in the mirror.

Details (including real wine reviews!) tomorrow and this weekend.


Marcus said...

Joe, I can't wait to hear about your Italian tasting when you are back from your travels. We're both a bit preoccupied I guess. You're definitely not as "toughlove" as as our blogger buddy Neil so I didn't mention your comments in my post, but don't get the wrong idea -- I always look forward to your regular scoop.

And that was quite a scoop supplied by LindaS. If you're not in town then its likely too late for you but don't give up!

Brooklynguy said...

Aw shucks, now I feel a little mushy inside.

Glad you're back. Congrats on then promotion - good stuff!

WQre you reading blogs while you were gone, or was that out too?

Joe said...

Dok, I have thick skin! As for scoop, I have a cellar designed for 360 bottles holding 500 - I don't need scoop! I need the SAQ to hang my picture in every outlet, banning me from entering the store. In fact, I need to have a "garage sale", and stick a few cases out front of the house with a cardboard "for sale" sign.
For the Italian tasting, it was the Cesare Gavi (which I blogged recently) and Pietra Calda (Feudi di San Gregorio) on the white side - love the Cesare, the Pietra Calda was nice but pricey. For the reds, they served the Borgogno Barbera and Don Antonio Nero d'Avola - the Borgogno was nice, but I will blog some better Barberas tonight/tomorrow. The Don Antonio was very cool, but pricey, and I am not yet a Nero believer. Next week is not Italy - switched to a Bouchard Pere et Fils Burgundy tasting. Cheers!

Marcus said...


I am behind on my posts and on my blog reading. Thanks for your support re: the promotion. You do realize that when it starts in two weeks the wineblog situation will be the first to suffer!

I knew you would soldier on. These Italians sound interesting. I read your OTBN and will try to read up on the San Gregorio. As for Nero d'Avola -- love it! But as a simple and inexpensive quaffer. I'd have to agree with you that if it's pricey, it'd be a hard sell. As for Barbera, v. intrigued. Such an neat variety. Had Terredavino's Luna i Falo Superiore since it was on sale. Lacks balance and integration. A bit of a freakshow if you ask me. Might post about it later too.

Joe said...

I have had the Luna i Falo before -a Malcolm Anderson recommendation. I'm not sure I recall 'freak show', but let's just say I haven't bought it in a while. I have actually blogged a Canadian barbera...

Marcus said...

Joe beware the new 2004. It got a fair chance, decanted and given time. It's just really not good. And I'm someone who's recommended it before.

B.C. Barbera?