Another WBW update: Attems Cicinis Bianco 2005

You've heard about the impossibility of a month of Sundays, but how about a month of WBWs? It's not impossible!

March is shaping up to be a month of Wine Blogging Wednesdays around here. WBW 43 wraps up with a rundown on comfort wines (click to Wine Life Today to figure out what that means -- Joel Vincent did a thorough write-up). Meanwhile, I'm finally publishing notes I wrote up with the idea of posting them to WBW 41, which was on the theme of Friuli-Venezia Giulia white wines.

Please bare with me and my misgivings on the blogging event front. I'm not participating as much as I would like to. And then when I do, I go and code 42 into the URL for WBW 43 or decide to contribute two months too late. Whoops!

Blogging like wine tasting is a fallible undertaking. Remember that.

In any case, here's some information you can take at face value: Friuli-Venezia Giulia is an expansive region in northern Italy, and way back in January, Jack and Joanne hosted a vast array of helpful resources for both the beginner and the devotee. Check it out at Fork & Bottle.

Attems Cicinis Collio Bianco 2005

The name of the winery is Attems, the name of the cuvée is Cicinis, and the name of the appellation is Collio. Bianco, of course, means white.

Attems is run under the ownership of the giant wine producer Marchesi de Frescobaldi società agricola, based in Tuscany. For the estate of Conti Attems, the producers stray far from the typical terroir and output of Chianti. The Cicinis cuvée is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Tocai Friuliano, and Pinot Bianco. But its manufacture with heavy wood and an oxidative note may end up frustrating amateurs looking for a real sense of what Collio -- an official Italian D.O.C. designation -- is all about. It was priced immodestly at over $25 when I bought it.

Here's what I recorded for it.

Eyes: Deeply pigmented from a white wine.

Nose: Wet bandages and vanilla combining in a silky smooth way. Also notes of honeycomb.

Mouth: Caramelized on the palate. There are flowers but a strong oxidized note makes this wine very distinct. It seems a bit distilled.

Stomach: I think chocolate is your safest bet for this kind of wine because it resembles the booze in some desserts like icewine truffles or fruitcake. Otherwise pair it with a very rich and mouthfilling dinner and accept my best wishes for good luck.

Conti Attems, Lucinico, Gorizia, Italia. 13%.


Jack at Fork & Bottle said...

Ack! I just purchased a 2005 Attems PG - your write up sure sounds like I made a bad move.

Marcus said...

Jack, this may not be your style at all. Not really mine either. I thought it was overpriced.

Funny -- their site offers some wise words as to the potential amount of wood in the Pinot Grigio you bought: Serve with lamb!

David McDuff said...

Hey Marcus,
Attems' Tocai Friulano was included among the wines I tried and wrote-up for WBW 41. You'll find that my notes make your experience look positive.

Marcus said...

Hi David,

I read yours when you posted it, when I was noting my own Attems bottle.

Yes, you are of course right. This is not a failure like yours. In fact it is a fine bottle, a distinct style of wine that many people will like. I found it interesting but not my style (nor my typical price range). My consumption is tied to the dinner table and this bottle is for exploring new territory.

Joe said...

Hi Marcus - I had the 2004 here - a nice pour, but atypical. I see where you are coming from - I noted the lack of acidity, suggesting it was a better sipper than a dinner wine. As for the price, it was a gift...

Marcus said...

It's fascinating to me when you review a wine that I do, yet don't find out about it until later. Different years, yes, but instructive to compare nonetheless.

How many reviews do you have total Joe?

Joe said...

Hi Marcus - I love finding the overlaps as well. I can't think of how many reviews I have - over 300 posts, many multiple wine posts - lets say 600+? Is that a lot?