My cork drawer overfloweth

Which I suppose might mean that my cup doth overflow as well... But are too many corks translating into too few posts?

It may be time to do an audit on the corks I keep in my kitchen drawer. Have I been keeping up with all that I have been uncorking and enjoying?

I don't keep every cork, just the ones that stopper really great wines or are exceptional corks in and of themselves.

Corks with cork taint, thought they might be "exceptional," are not included. I prefer to keep the nice exceptions -- corks with intricate designs and memorable vintages etched into their sides or corks with deeply pigmented colour leeched into their ends.

Sometimes I keep plastic and Diam corks, but I tend to separate tehm because, for the most part, they make for useful household implements rather than souvenirs. One of these stabilizes my clothesline, for instance.

Oh, and I love the reusability of those corks that have those black plastic twist tops that often come out of Pineau des Charentes or LBV Port bottles. They earn a special place.

But no, I won't be starting a screwcap drawer any time soon.


Sonadora said...

I don't dare post my cork bag. I used to keep it in a drawer, but it has long since outgrown that. I used a ton to make things last year, but have since just let them accumulate. Though with the sheer number of people who visit my site looking to find out how to make reindeer cork ornaments, perhaps I should go into the business of making those!

Marcus said...

Cork ornaments? I never thought decorative -- how creative of you.

I see Neil's and Lenn's sites were posting on wine racks when I published this. I guess I should've made this entry about storage of wine (with the corks still lodged in the bottles rather than after the fact)...

I wouldn't recommend what I've got for laying down my bottles: my busted wine fridge. But it is a good enough rack for me at the moment (at least until summer comes).