Château Saint-Brice Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 1999

Does this look good enough?

Good enough for this?

I could hardly be sure: This is my first grand cru. A fairly well-reviewed wine described as an expensive but not overpriced product from one of the celebrated châteaux operated by the Moueix family. I found this bottle -- the "second wine" of Château Magdelaine -- at a steep discount of 25% off after it had done some cellaring but was still very much before it's best-before date. Click on the image above for the SAQ's descriptive file on the current vintage.





Sorry, no notes on this one. I really wanted to enjoy it, let it wash over me without an expressly critical approach, and see how it would change me.

What has changed? I have to say, not much, so perhaps that says it all. But if anyone wants more details or has a specific question you can email me.


Joe said...

ok, no scoring I understand, but no notes? Did you like it?! I can't take the suspense!

Edward said...
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Edward said...

I'm always in shock and awe at what you can fit onto a plate! Surely it's not all for you :)

Marcus said...


I enjoyed it but not three times as much as my usually faves. It's not three times as better and it's a particularly age-worthy wine -- my whole approach to Bordeaux crus is cost. I guess that's my point with this post.


Shock and awe -- for you and for my belt. I think I have been eating more lately. One reason: I seem to be opening up up better bottles which call for a more festive approach. Will be dialling it down in the new year.