Tasting Château Meunier Saint-Louis A Capella 2003

dragonfly ch meunier st. louie a cappella 2003 corbiere
Here's an amazing bargain which I'm a bit late in posting considering I had bought a case and then finished most of it in the busy proceedings leading up to WBW 33: Mid-priced Midi.

At under $20 Canadian, the Château Meunier Saint-Louis A Capella Corbières 2003 definitely fits the bill, if you can find it. The new 2005 cuvées have come in and are replacing the old stock. The SAQ is raising its price by about a dollar. Still a wine that is quite ripe for discovery.

painting fresco acapella wine bottle labelEyes: Deep purple with a bright nearly neon magenta rim.

Nose: Muted and non-descript at first sniff. (Actually I didn't note anything down but that could be because I headed straight to the tasting.)

Mouth: Chocolaty, but dark and rooty, like a rooibos tea. The fruit presents an interesting vegetal edge, suggesting celery, earth, mineral and tomato. Great structure and nice acid -- I think I can safely say that I've never liked a Midi red from the 2003 vintage as much as I like this one. That it is so elegantly dry is a no small wonder during the year of the heatwave. It has good body and a lovely aftertaste. This wine is a fine specimen and with an admirable level of extraction that supports the dynamics of the wine.

(Lots of notes made here. Why am I such a mouthy blogger?)

Stomach: Because of the extraction and inky but balanced concentration of flavours, I'd serve this with your finest repasts. Perhaps opt for meals that possess the fullest, most heightened flavours. (When placed alongside other top Corbières, A Capella demonstrates that it is of another calibre -- don't let it do the same thing to your food!)

The wine makers have put out a real steal of a deal and wonderful and rich addition to the dinner table.

Martine & Philippe Pasquier-Meunier, Saint-Louis, Boutenac, France. 13.5%.


Joe said...

Hi Marcus - I read this, very interesting, I love Corbieres wines. I am waiting for my in-laws to come next week - they will be here for three weeks and should help me with my overstock problem. After that I should be in a better buying mode. Thanks for thinking of me.

Marcus said...

Spotted the 2005 at the SAQ yesterday!

Marcus said...

Exactly one year from when I bought up as many bottles of this as I could (I think about 7 or 8), I uncorked the final bottle. It's chocolate and tea all the way -- reminds me of a Camino green-tea-flavoured dark chocolate bar) with a lot of personality supplied by a what I'm guessing is a fair bit of Carignan. Vegetal but rich and fruity, classy but sporting rustic flair, a singular wine with verve and great depth.