How to interpret a wine labeler

The last entry in Wine Label Week was entitled "How to interpret a wine label" and featured good tips and valuable lessons on getting important facts from a wine label. It just might make dinner go a little more smoothly if you carefully examine that label on the bottle. The label is going to give you some good clues on what the wine will taste like without uncorking the bottle.

Here's another label that's worth a gander.

jay moore o and sons pinot noir burgundy red wine
... But not so much for what it tells you about the wine contained inside. More than anything else, this is a good example of how, based solely on a wine label, you can tell a lot about the wine labeler:

upside down label on wine bottle


Stay tuned tomorrow as Wine Label Week continues because I will post what I'd say was the most unanimously reviewed best-value wine of the summer. Hint: It's definitely got a label.


RougeAndBlanc said...

I can't help but wonder if this bottle is a unique case. You know, quality assurance may not be a key component on the production line of wine making, especially when it comes to labelling.
Maybe you should start a collection of 'wrongfully' labelled bottles and throw a party to showcase them in a couple of years.

Marcus said...


I love it! Doktor Weingolb: Home of wayward wines!

Wine Label Week is turning out to be a bit of freak show what with the topsy-turvy labels, the mislabeled ABV and a jar of spreadable ganache labeled "Grenache".