I like to study in the library . . .

The volumes found in a winery's library are bottles, not books. That's just how it is. This makes me want to bone up.

They are measured by alcohol content, not by number of pages or by chapters. And, if you know the right librarian, the volumes are awarded rather than loaned. This sounds like my type of thing!

Sure I like to study in the library. And yes, for me this is definitely turning over a new leaf.

But like a too-good-to-be-true dream, the fantasy sputters to a full stop. The bubble bursts and you are no longer a kid in a candy store.

All these bottles, plus a couple of others not shown in this photo, went straight down the drain. Totally undrinkable. I wanted to contact the librarian to ask why anyone even bothers to catalog these things. I was even ready to accept an apology. They are way, way beyond serving.

So it's back to where I was when I put down Dickens. Beware the library!

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