For the wino's little black book: Pullman, Bar à vin, 3424 Parc

To all my Montreal readers (and maybe even some of you who live elsewhere but might think of visiting Montreal soon):

Here's a serious wine bar recommendation for you. Pullman.

I wrote a restaurant review for Pullman today. It appears on Midnight Poutine, a local blog on Montreal living.

My focus for the Midnight Poutine piece was more on the food and the ambiance of the place, but if you look at this place from a wino perspective, it's a bit of wet dream. (To give you an idea of how wine-crazy Pullman is just take a gander at the enormous chandelier that hangs over the bar -- it's made entirely of wine glasses in suspension.)

It definitely comes highly recommended if you're into exploring the world of fine wine, organic wines, fortified wines, tasting menus, wine flights, and Riedel glasses (every type and size of glass they've ever made by the looks of it). For any and all of these things it's a real treat, point final.

But if you're looking for a place to meet up and grab a bite, then check out my review before diving in.

Hmmm... Weingolb and Pullman. Sounds like a law office.

(Now I've got a better idea of what barrister means.)


Brooklynguy said...

nice wine list, although the canadian dollar prices made me stand up and take notice for a moment. Particularly interesting whites in bottles, and the Chidaine bubbly by the glass...nice touch.

Marcus said...

Don't forget the 15% tax levied too. And the fact that you'll feel like tipping nicely because they are very good at what they do. It's all about the experience though -- well worth it.