alex niall pretzel logic writing your name in your food kitchen lettering food fonts foodie language

The ultimate snakshot. I don't know if this image (which was created by my friends who evidently will not remain nameless) is entirely original but I do love the idea of food photography having its own do-it-yourself captioning. It's worth exploring.

Food as art is fun but this is food art at a new level. It makes the point that food's function can go beyond nutrition: All the educational goals of alphabet soup updated to feed minds hungry for Rubik's-Cube challenges as well as geometric visualization and reasoning. I'm tempted to say it's just playing with your food, but clearly this cannot be for kids. It's too good not to nibble on with a pint of beer.


semi.superlative said...

wow, so now not only am i being being outed before the whole interweb community, i'm also being savagely plagiarized. is this the kind of internet-based wine-and-cheese-and-occasionally-coffee-and-tea journalism we should expect when the good doktor falls off the wagon? this "alex" character sounds like a negative influence...

Marcus g58 said...

In other words, the publication of your pretzel chiseling has your blessing...?

Alex and I got to drinking on Saturday. She showed me pictures. Lots and lots of digital pictures. I thought this one had much promise and she agreed. Don't tell me the sober light of day changes anything.

Let me be the first to officially say to you: nice work!