ham steaks balsamic mesquite glaze grilled radicchio cheese pasta basil grape tomatoes

I'm really not trying to be hokey or cliché posting this soft-focus scene and then a suggesting Champagne as a match for it. I know that it's practically Valentine's Day and I don't want to sound contrived but a slightly spicy glaze slathered on ham steaks accompanied by a rich and cheesy pasta and dotted with juicy and basil-y sweet whole grape tomatoes? You're going to open some Champagne or other fine dry sparkling wine. Screw romance though. It's to set off the dinner. What may or may not happen with the diners is for another blog to get into.

When it's hard to pair red wine (or even white for that matter) with a certain foods, just pop open some bubbly... With the teeming market-fresh flavours shown above, I might recommend a vintage pink Champagne in particular, say, the Louis Roederer Brut Rosé 1999 but really anything goes. Fizz is the renowned safe bet for a bottle you can uncork at any meal.


Sonadora said...

Delicious, though I am quite partial to Roederer, with my favorite being the 1999 L'Hermitage Brut.

Marcus g58 said...

I actually gave my Roederer away as part of a wedding gift. The bride who got married kept her name: Champagne (no lie).

So this post makes me think of her.

Meanwhile congratulations on your big event Sonadora -- sealing the deal on your first house.

Sonadora said...

Thanks Marcus. We are really excited!

Champagne as a last name? Hum, I don't think I would have given it up either!