roast chicken or the egg organic grain fed jean talon butcher saint vincent
"Chicken puzzle" ... What came first, the chicken or the egg? A good question and one that is readily conjured by the image shown above.

But when I took this photograph that wasn't exactly what I had on my mind. I was getting ready to open a bottle of wine to have with dinner. Roasted organic chicken, locally raised and grain fed, is a cut above your everyday hen. My friend Eric gets his whole fresh chickens from a local butcher set up at the Jean-Talon Market. And then he prepares his birds using a simple yet elegant Jacques Pépin recipe. The results easily demand one of your better Rhône reds or a good Pinot Noir.

Puzzle solved.


Joe said...

I love your photography! I would probably go for the Pinot...Cheers!

Marcus g58 said...

Thanks Joe,

I just got my camera back from the shop (Future Shop) after a lengthy repair so I am very encouraged by your comment to pick up where I left off.

As luck would have it tonight is roast chicken night -- the first bird of 2007! I'm bringing along Pastiche and giving it a try -- Grenache and Pinot apparentally, among others.

Thanks a lot for writing.

Joe said...

Never had the Pastiche - let me know how it goes.

Sonadora said...

Looks delicious! It's making me salivate compared to what I brought for lunch today!

caveman said...

i did one last night and drank a savignan (ouille) from Tissot.. It was fantastic..nice pic.

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