pink trout shallots grelot potatoes roasted cauliflower boston lettuce salad
It's time for your close-up, fishie.

If you like eating warm meals, the snakshot life may not be for you: My more photogenic dinners make for gruelling drawn-out photo sessions and you don't get to munch until work is done. Hot lights, fickle AA batteries... this line of work is not all glamour, no matter what you may have heard. If I'm lucky I've got a splash of unoaked Chardonnay or Tocai Friuliano to keep me going. Once the posedown stops, I've built myself up a mean appetite and, fortunately, something worthy of snacking on until the next attractive catch swims by.

This trout plate looked so good that I ran it twice: sumptuous at close range, and looking delicious in this previous aerial shot I snapped. It's a wrap.

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