Yummy fresh lamb on a tossed green salad may not seem like the kind of dish you'd have on winter-raging day like today is in the province of Quebec. But when paired with a heart-warming Bordeaux, a spring dish can easily become a meal fit for winter's day. It's also good fuel for tomorrow's much-anticipated start to the ski season.


brooklynguy said...

I made a salad inspired by this tonight. I fired up the grill (misty and about 50 degrees F here - why not?), marinated a hangar steak in fish sauce and brown sugar, charred an onion, made a Vietnamese style salad with greens, onions, and sliced beef. And a dressing of fish sauce, lime juice, sliced red chilis, and more brown sugar. YUM. thx for the inspiration. Sadly, this was the only thing I cooked tonight that came out well. bean soup became bean stew; butternut squash puree became butternut squash soup, and the jury is still out on roast chicken with chestnut and white truffle oil stuffing. keep your fingers crossed for me.

Marcus g58 said...

Neil, you're a machine.

You made all that on a Monday night?

I walked home in the snow and about half-way there lost all ambition for dinner. I ended up putting frozen pizza in the oven and making a salad with industrially-produced dressing. The Golden Globes were on so I ate on the sofa and thought about how little I wanted to move.

I don't have wireless at home so inevitably I had to but results weren't pretty. Now I'm entertaining the idea of a snow day tomorrow.

The notion that I inspire is the basis of an illicit cult but I thank you for the thought anyway!

Brooklynguy said...

A Monday night, but a holiday Monday here is the US - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday. I hadn't worked that day. And the wife is VERY pregnant, so staying home is good right now. The chicken came out great, btw.

James said...

Hey Mark.

I had pizza too.
Thanks for the wine! Frances tells me that you left some behind in New York. I am very much looking forward to drinking that. I'll be there in February. Take care, James.