Caffè ArtJava goes downtown

Wake up and smell the coffee Montreal! Caffè ArtJava has expanded. Starting today, the greatest brew in the city is now available right on the green line, which runs straight through the caffeinated heart of Montreal. Previously ArtJava coffee was only served in the Plateau district, which is on the orange line.

macchiato cafe art java Montreal downtownOrange, green, blue, whatever. This location is gold for yours truly. The café is smack-dab on my corner. As if that were not enough, this morning I discovered that ArtJava is physically connected to my office. If you're not a Montrealer, you may not realize exactly what kind of a coup this is. It's only the first week of December and already there's a thick blanket of snow and ice on the ground. Me, I can now wear my slippers to fetch my favourite macchiato.


In fact, I can leave my jacket in the office and make like I'm going to the bathroom when really I'm going for a latte. And there's an ArtJava chill-out room, a new feature that can best be described as a surround-sound media centre with big upholstered chairs. More to come this, I promise.

Check out the link above for more details on ArtJava (the new location has decided not to serve breakfast plates like French toast but those fantastic pecan biscottis are just the same as on the Plateau). In the meantime, know that when you order a cappuccino or macchiato to-go like I did this morning, the foam art only appears illustrated on the paper cup, not emblazoned on top of the coffee. Which is probably why they were coaxing me to change my order to stay.

Had they known I was already a convert they might not have bothered... Had they known I was ordering a macchiato so I could take pictures, upload them, and then blog about it all, they probably would've just backed away and braced themselves for my impending return.

That's okay. I'm used to it.

macchiato caffe artjava Montreal downtown
Open Now

CAFFÈ ARTJAVA 645 Avenue du Président-Kennedy (corner University), (514) 350-5282; the branch at 837 Avenue du Mont-Royal (corner St-André) remains open.

Note on hours: They're open from around 7 am to unknown (when I asked, they promised to go with the flow -- obviously a mistake promising that level of service to someone with my unrelenting daily onslaught of over-caffeinated enthusiasm)


Anthony said...

Brace ourselves for your impending return? We'll welcome you back with open arms. Anyone who knows their coffee is okay in my books.

See you next week I imagine,
--Anthony the barista

g58 said...

Thanks Anthony.

I want to be the first one to get a macchiato to go when you get those new mini paper cups.

Let me know.


Anonymous said...

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