Versatile Rhône white saves the day: Château de Nages Réserve 2004

Château de Nages Réserve 2004 (blanc)
Just a straight-ahead tasting note today. I used a standard notation to assess this wine, as explained on Steve De Long’s resourceful site.

(At the time, I couldn’t restrain myself from jotting down a note that read: “This is the kind of wine for bad days.” I can’t remember what exactly that referred to -- a poor tennis result, an nasty bill in the mail or a botched effort in the kitchen for dinner. It doesn't really matter. Based on my findings below, you don’t require a spectacular fumble to enjoy this pick-me-up.)


9-08-06 at Montreal
Château de Nages 2004 - Réserve blanc
A.O.C. Costières-de-Nîmes
R. Gassier, winemaker
60% Grenche Blanc, 40% Roussanne

- Estate bottled
- Stoppered with plastic cork (that could’ve almost ruined my day!)
- 2004 vintage bottled in Burgundy bottles (or perhaps I should say those standard Rhône bottles with the sloping shoulders -- in any case definitely not the Bordeaux-type bottle pictured above)
- $14.30 (on sale at 25% off, I paid $10 and change... a real bargain)

Eye: In the glass, it’s pale yellow with a greenish tint.

Nose: On the nose, there’s honey, white flowers, some exotic fruit suggestion, like litchi. Quite alluring aromatics.

Mouth: Citrusy taste -- predominantly lime, pear, with a very long finish, especially for any of the whites that I’ve tasted recently. Full mid-palate highlighted by mineral elements. Pervasive freshness and a lovely body to this wine -- there’s a certain smoothness added by a silky viscosity. Balanced alcohol.

Table: I’m not sure this cuvée features much acidity yet it manages alongside different dishes quite well. I'm tempted to say anything goes with this supple and agreeable bottle. It will have a softening affect on the palate when paired with anything sharp and pungent, such as a highly seasoned pasta dish with kalamata olives and capers. If that makes the wine come off a tad flabby, unhitch its super-charged pear flavours by serving it with an appetizer course of cheddar cheese on slices of walnut bread.

Caissargues, France. 14%.


Joe said...

I think you actually paid less - you got the director's sale discount (25% off), while I paid a little more. Anyway, it would appear we are both haunting the downtown SAQs. My wife will hunt down and destroy all of those who encourage my blogging - beware!

Marcus g58 said...
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Marcus g58 said...

I deleted that last comment just out of respect for your wife!

Blogging's not for everyone. This weekend I'm customizing my updated Blogger template and it's taking up all my time, so for her sake alone, never customize.

I think it's about time for an SAQ sale, no? It's been almost six weeks without a promotion. I need some Cafayate Cabernet from Etchart.