Manhattan trick or treat: A foodie's guide to what's an avenue and what's a street

The best thing about Manhattan has to be its neighbourhoods. They are what make visits so stimulating, whether you are sightseeing, windowshopping or just walking around. No two are alike yet each one seems to be totally vibrant and alive in its own right.

Since I like shopping for wine, I have now begun to associate wine shops with certain neighbourhoods, like Martin Brothers Wine & Spirits with the Upper West Side or Chamber Street Wines with Tribeca. And as I've been getting to know them both the shop and the block it's on have become a little anthropomorphized in my mind. All human like, you know?

On Hallowe'en, it's particularly fun to let your wires get crossed and transpose Manhattan 'hoods. Swap the personality of, say, Murray Hill with the Meatpacking District. Hmmm. Interesting disguise.

Here's one that's veh-ry scah-ry!Try it yourself:

Instead of hitting Madison Avenue's Sherry-Lehmann (where I recently was thoroughly pampered at a Bordeaux tasting)...
wine as art madison avenue bottle window displays cheri lehman
...end up at the Lower East Side's Madison Liquor on Madison Street. Whoops! Hey where's that map? It's like walking into a vegan dinner party with Ronald McDonald.
brooklyn guy shops here madison licker
Clash. And so I found out that Manhattan's got two Madisons, both on the east side. But the Upper East Side and Lower East Side could not be more different, and not just when it comes to wine shopping. So I felt it appropriate that I would dress up each one in the other's costume today. The theme, as always, is "wining and dining." Can you tell which Madison is which?

Atangine dreams and stewing spices Moroccan cuisine
cherri nails mon sherri
This first duo shown above is especially tricky. Those bell peppers seem a little too perfect to be real don't you think? And a Cherry Nail only looks juicy enough to slurp up -- so you've been warned. (Who says it's only Madison Avenue where the admen play?)

Bnesquick milk beverage chocolate
marshay madison fruits and vegetables
Only one is labelled here as Madison but actually they both are! To figure out which is "avenue" and which is "street" look to the other writing on the wall: One says Nesquik and one says Marché. Yes, that's French and that's about as big of a hint as you're going to get.

Cnectar on 82nd street madison avenue
madison street corner deli
Can you separate these two twin green awnings and get to who's really behind the disguise?

Djunk food junkie on madison street in chinatown
whitnet museum of american art basement cafeteria
"Madisons under glass"


brooklynguy said...

You're KILLING me here - this is hilarious. i have actually seen taht liquor shop in chinatown's madison street.

Marcus g58 said...

Glad you liked it. Were you able to properly distinguish each pairing? I guess you had an advantage since you are familiar with the area.

Plus were't you the smarty who got a prize from Basic Juice's "Where's Wino" contest? You must eat quizzes like this one for breakfast in the morning.

brooklynguy said...

Living here helps, yes. And I have lived on the upper east side and in chinatown before, so i had a leg up, you might say. this is such a great post though, so creative. i'm stumped as to why others didn't respond to your quiz. i didn't win where's wino, i was second. wait a minute! were'nt you first?

Marcus g58 said...

Maybe people didn't respond to the quiz because there was no prize on offer -- like Where's Wino did. I did snag a Amazon.com gift certificate from that, which I recently cashed in on. How's the book you were awarded?

I simply decided to ship my prize to my NYC host, which is cool.

Speaking of New York, I really love it. I saw Dave Chapelle's Block Party last night and think I'll go on a spree of Brooklyn-based films for winter. Brooklyn entices with all its neighbourhoods. When I posted this in October I had no idea about them -- I still don't really. I just keep looking at the map, reading NYT and waiting for my next vacation to arrive.

How do you feel about neighbourhoods of Brooklyn since you seem to have lived all over the city?