"Look What’s Growing in Our Own Backyard"

Look What's Growing in Our Own Backyard is an exhaustive introduction to Quebec wine for local oenophiles. The cold climate here in Canada's largest province (Quebec is more than twice the size of Texas) demonstrates now more than ever that quality wine can be produced, especially in the regions south of Montreal and the St. Lawrence river.

And who better to present the situation than Montreal-area-based Bill Zacharkiw, once skeptical but now encouraged by the current situation. If you haven't read his report yet, I would say that it is required reading for both local wine drinkers in the region as well as curious explorers and enthusiasts of sustainable agriculture (I'm thinking primarily of how Quebec wine can eliminate the need for transportation, which I always thought was a given when enjoying a good bottle in this province).

Take a look at what Bill discovered, which was orginally published last month in the Gazette but now appears on Bill's blog. The piece is packed with vintner profiles, wine reviews and some history too. I think it's pretty fascinating...

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