Wino and The Caveman emerge from offline slumber

It's great to see fellow wine bloggers Water into Wino and The Caveman back online and posting once again. These guys have been busy doing some amazing non-blog-related things over the last few months this summer. Now, simultaneously, they are back at it, and I for one am happy to see it.

Of all my peers, these two bloggers mean a lot to me. Water into Wino launched his site at exactly the same time I created Weingolb and we both started out with a penchant for Cabernet Franc wines, an eye for Niagara wines and a prolific output. That was back in December 2005. Though we've gone off in different directions (he's been hunting funnel clouds while I've decided to stay at home and eat more) I still consider a kinship there. Guess I better get his link back in the sidebar now that he's back from Kansas!

The Caveman has such an deep and established repertoire in wine that I wouldn't try to compare myself to him. He is a seasoned sommelier, a keen import specialist, and from the looks of it, an awesome cook. Now he's a going to be a wine journalist with a regular wine column touting massive distribution. But like me, he is from the Montreal area and surrounded by the same state-run catalog that I am. So I feel a strong kinship with him too. When he did a rundown of the best rosés at the SAQ earlier this year, I was hooked on every word. I look forward to reading his column in the Gazette.

All that aside, the real reason you should read these blogs is because they are down-to-earth, passionate and written with enthusiasm and care.


caveman said...

aw shucks,
Thanks for the props Marcus...and this site is always is one of my first stops..I made it to the tennis once (for a wine tasting of Ruinart Champagne and Carmen by Univins) and must admit while I am more of a hockey fan, the girls give' er don't they?
Take it Easy.. and the next Gazoo article is Saturday the 9th on of all things ..Québec wine.

g58 said...


I hope you'll let me know if your bio is at all inaccurate. If I worked for the Gazoo I would've verified it with you first and then published it.

...looking forward to hearing your round-up on Quebec wine. (I don't suppose there is an link so folks can read your column online?)