Introducing Snakshots by Doktor Weingolb, chowtime operative

snackshot pictures of snacks food photographyEver since I got my spiffy new digital camera one month ago I have been unable to arrange enough online space for my food and wine photographs. Doktor Weingolb Snakshot changes all of that right now.


Snakshot is a simple but accommodating home to all the images of snacking that don't get a proper write-up or index entry on Weingolb. At heart, Snakshot is a visual food diary. Yet it possesses the strong spirit of an all-you-can-eat buffet. And yes, I personally have eaten what's being depicted, which means that this makes for some nice voyeurism. So live vicariously and check it out. It's a feast for the eyes and it's constantly piling up.


Starting today, other enhancements are materializing on Weingolb, which is good because I've been getting more visitors than ever. A little housekeeping goes a long way in making folks feel at home, or at least that is my hope.

In addition to the prominent link for Snakshot in the sidebar, index entries have been rearranged. The goal here is greater usability. I've had comments that finding entries on specific wines are hard to track down so now posts that feature specific wine reviews are separated from posts on food or other dining topics. This should make scrolling down the alphabetized listings a bit easier, though knowing the appellation or grape variety of the wine you are looking for is still key to finding what you want. As always, the Search This Blog tool at the top of every page is time-and-again the smartest way to navigate to your desired information.

Secondly, I wanted to make the Weingolb archive display in chronological order. That way, things flow in a natural order when you scan through one of the previous months bulleted at the bottom of every page. You can read in the same direction that entries were posted and adhere to the chronology of the blog. A minor issue really, but in the end I found a fantastic JavaScript patch from Casa Patologico, a Spanish/ English-language blog. It always presents to you a choice on how posts are displayed, on both headline pages and archive pages.

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