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anastasia myskinaI'm currently in love with New York City, as my Top 10 Wining and Dining Experiences in NYC from earlier this month indicates. But I've also been very much in love with tennis, as anyone who has read Weingolb during the last week could easily see.

Therefore I can have only the greatest of anticipation for the US Open, which starts tomorrow [update: GAME ON!] at New York City's Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. Hmmm... A couple of Coronas in the Flushing Meadows... this Grand Slam tennis event is screaming out for serious picnicking, isn't it?


I spent long hours at the Canadian Open in Montreal watching the world's best women players and, in particular, the magnetic personality and undeniable talent of Anastasia Myskina. So let me help out any of my New York readers who have tickets to the two-week long tournament and will be spending long hours camped out around the hardcourts waiting for their favourite athletes to appear. Here is a summary of my advice for eating and drinking in style at sporting events.


DO find a vendor, be it a deli, a bakery or grocery store, near the site that has reliable good food that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and haul it in the main gates with you. Read the How-To

DO pack your own meals, using today's food cooling technologies, not coolers themselves. How-To

DO figure out how you can bring in your own wine (though this may be frowned upon so don't do something stupid and get yourself arrested). How-To

...and finally...

DON'T eat annoying food in noisy packaging while watching matches on the more intimate tennis courts

daniela hantuchova
What the...?
daniela hantuchova
cracker jack
Stop that!

These people are working hard out there. Dude, have some respect.

dinara safina
The diligent Dinara Safina deserves it.

ai sugiyama
Awesome Ai Sugiyama commands it.

nicole pratt
And Nicole Pratt just won't stand for anything less.

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g58 said...

There have been reports that this year's Open is a massive security headache like none other and bringing in anything of your own that you can't wear or put in a pocket is a total timewaster. Your best guide on the topic is here.