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The following crib notes are gathered from around the Internet and beyond for my imminently approaching birthday dinner.

Vineland Estates Dry Riesling 1994

The most memorable property along the Niagara wine route is none other than Vineland Estates Winery. Some say it’s because of its location—on the bench of the Niagara palisade, overlooking rolling hills and Lake Ontario. But there’s more to Vineland than just a pretty view. Its premium wines and world-class restaurant are what captured our attention.

Riesling has become the hallmark of the property, and a number of vintages have snagged top honors at championships not only in Canada, but also in France, Italy, England, and the United States. These changes are due to the efforts of general manager Allan Schmidt and of Schmidt’s brother Brian, Vineland’s chief winemaker.

Michel Phaneuf recommends Riesling with seafood, fish, fresh vegetables. Local pairings where terroir and dish come together are encouraged as well.

Well-aged Riesling will gain a colour of goldish yellow with a nose of petrol. 2006 marks the end of this varietal's astonishing design life. Konrad Ejbich rated it among the best of Ontario's current Rieslings and warned that it should be opened soon as it is beginning its decline.

Château Montauriol Mon Aureolus 2001
Plat principal

Composed of Négrette 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 25%, Syrah 25%. The wine has a brilliant and deep ruby red colour. The nose is strong, velvety with a nuance of ripe red fruits. Elegant touch of blackcurrant and violet. Equally there are spicy undertones of « garrigue ».

On the palate the wine is robust, harmonious and long with nice touch of truffle and wood. The tannins of this wine are soft with a smoothness which is a characteristic of the local grape variety, the Négrette.

It is recommended to serve with red meats, game and hard cheese at a temperature of 17 to 19 °C. This wine is to be drunk within 2 to 10 years.

A favourite birthday wine. This vintage was a hit last year at La Colombe.
Tonon Rossi del Camul 2001 descriptive record

Tonon Rossi del Camul 2001

Suggested by the Caveman, sommelier at L'Eau à la Bouche in Ste-Adèle. Click image at left for details on this wine.

[Understudy for reds: Giordano Da Uve Il Vinré 2003]

Domaine Bellegarde Jurançon sec Cuvée tradition Moelleux 2002

Silt clay soils with a lot of pebbles left by torrent. 35% Petit Manseng, 65% Gros Manseng.

Individually sorted and handpicked harvest of fully matured grapes in order to obtain a typical Jurançon. Vinification and ageing in stainless steel vats for Gros Manseng, and oak barrels for Petit Manseng.

Thanks to blending the two grape varieties, the wine gets lively and fresh notes of matured citrus fruits from Gros Manseng, and refinement and maturity from Petit Manseng, which gives the wine all its roundness.

A perfect aperitif and wonderful dessert wine.

Lemaistre Grenache Riche 2002
Extra bottle, should it be needed ("for the table")

No it's not Port, but when served at the end of a long rich meal it feels like a light digestible version of it.

Check back and I'll let you know how it all goes down.

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g58 said...

So I went to Montreal resto O'Thym for my birthday last week and the food was fantastic. My list was customized for the occasion because you'll notice that O'Thym, like its fabulous brother and sister restaurants -- A l'os and Les Infidels -- is Bring Your Own Wine.

And yes, the bottles I brought were fantastic too. Though we had the dessert wine after the Riesling because there was an unannounced bonus course. The Bellegarde was up to the task and makes a fine aperatif type wine. It actually followed the 12-year-old Riesling nicely.

The Camul stole the show with our mains, though the Château Montauriol before it pleased too. Never had the Grenache Riche. Just coffee to finish.