Doktor Weingolb goes to Dr. Copti for advice

I forgot to take my pill last night. But that's okay.

aspirin and wine legendary bad pairings at the dinner tableI love French doctors. I love them in the exact same way that I love the French diet.

I had to see the doctor this week for a full examination in a case of momentary visual impairment. During his lengthy consultation with me, my diet was analyzed. Do you drink, he asked. Oh yes, I said.

He wanted to know how much wine I consume every day, how much cheese I eat, and whether I favour sweets. I wasn't expecting to answer all these questions but Dr. Copti's light French accent made it so easy for me to picture myself considering a menu in a Paris restaurant. A very well-lit, and thoroughly sanitized restaurant.

Responding to all his food questions was making me hungry. Doc, any chance we could turn this appointment into working lunch? Finally came his official recommendation and some measured advice. The aspirin I had been taking daily -- I should be careful with that since I regularly drink two to three glasses of wine a day.

I was bracing myself for a slap on the wrist but this is where things got real good. Dr. Copti made his pronouncement:

You got it doc. Folks, email me now if you want a referral.

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Matt said...

My Docs an Aussie and his advice was similar - except he gave the go ahead for up to 4 glasses! I almost laughed. I think I'l give him a bottle of wine this christmas - better make it two.

Tammy said...

Okay, that's it! I need another doctor. Though, it's good to know. I take 2 aspirin every night along with a mulit-vitamin right before bed, even if I don't drink any wine.

Millie said...

While I'm not sure a few glasses of wine counts as a "bad" habit, this book gives some good recommendations on how to properly mix your drugs and booze:

The Healthy Guide to Unhealthy Living
How to Survive Your Bad Habits
By Dr. David J. Clayton

g58 said...

Dr. David J. Clayton sounds like another wishlist physician too. His book excerpt here is just an introduction to his approach to treating patients yet there's a strong sense that getting a referral to this guy would be awesome.