Four, three, two... and then there was one

People groan when they see me with a camera. With all the candid shots I have of wine being drunk by people I know, it's no wonder I end up drinking alone!

the paris foursome

nuptial nobodies three's a crowd at a table 26

the botanic duo

alone in montmartre

Research for my blog can be lonely work.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The above image of me conducting a solo wine investigation at a bar in Montmartre coincidentally includes a bar drink [Thanks to Scratch Colin at See, Sip, Taste, Hear for pointing this out -- keep separating the poison ivy from the parsley, Colin]. This photo was taken just after I had swooped down to a table recently abandoned by locals. My forensic research was to find out more about why people would pass over the amazingly affordable French wine -- delicious and indigenous -- and opt for a canned bar drink instead. These locals had left behind clues for me: Prints of the Centre Pompidou made from poorly exposed negatives. A half-empty glass of rye and Coke with a twist. One swizzle stick, quickly cast aside and still moist with tiny droplets. Conclusion: These Parisians fled after suddenly realizing that they could've been taking well-developed pictures of each other drinking great French wine and saving money while doing it.)


Collin C. said...

But it has to be done!

Wait...is that a Coke in the last pic?! I hope that is the wine list you are looking at!

Collin C. said...

Wait...even worse! Distilled spirits!!!
I feel betrayed!

Parsley doesn't have three distinct leaves?!
(note to self: drink less wine while picking herbs.)

g58 said...

EDITOR'S NOTE (#2): Doktor Weingolb regrets the publication of this photograph. While it was orginally published to further fair and accountable research in the field, Weingolb won't be going around distilling any of our readers' spirits.