2006 Montreal Gift Show

montreal gift show art goblets wine craftsYesterday I made bookings for a trip to Montreal -- my parents', not mine. They will be attending the Montreal Gift Show, which runs from Sunday, August 27 to Wednesday, August 30. This image is from the show's site. Click on it for more detailed information.

I realize that this giant exhibition is no Montreal Salon des vins. In fact, it barely makes for a blue-collar version of it with all the glasses sparkling prettily yet noticeably empty. And yes, it's a far cry from the exploits of Beau Jarvis of Basic Juice who will be reporting from Austria or the travels of Dr. Vino who took his blog to Argentina and back.

But for my mom, a wine accessories buyer, the event is her Olympiad. (I should tell you that it actually comes in Summer and Winter editions, with a show in early March being the inaugural and snowy start to this series.) Mom will definitely enjoy herself. She always does. And if you are searching for a fancy decanter, designer stemware, or a cavalcade of bottle openers, it may be the event for you too.

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