Wine's fine line

prague spring wedding czech castle grounds post ceremony toast after vows
There's a fine line between a blog about wine and a blog about picnics. Collin at See, Sip, Taste, Hear has made me realize this: it's only March and already he's bringing his wine out into the great outdoors for all to see. Now that's blogging commitment!

So without further ado, it's photo of the day time. Pictured above is another brisk Is-it-spring-yet? picnic scene. It's Spring in Prague (not Prague Spring) and the year is 2004. This was one of the biggest picnics I've ever been to. There was lots of wine on hand (literally, everyone was holding a wine glass -- can you spot all 5 fizzily filled flutes in the image above?).


My trip to the Czech Republic was an wine eye-opener: The country opened my eyes when I opened its wines. Local products are quite good. Moravia, to the east of Prague, is a full-fledged wine-producing region. Their Modrý Portugal is a bizarrely named but delicious wine reminiscent of Cabernet Franc though lighter and fruitier. Then of course there is the local Sekt, which is the sparkling wine that dots the scene above. One doesn't travel to Eastern Europe expecting to be beguiled by the wine. It happened anyway. Great bubbly!

So yes, in case you hadn't guessed, the couple captured in the centre of this photo are shown celebrating their marriage vows. I was indeed attending a wedding and between the ceremony and the reception there was this amazing luncheon overlooking the city from atop the Vyšehrad castle grounds. Among the most memorable picnics ever. Where friends + food + wine = total wonder & bliss.

That's my working equation for picnics for now. I think it covers all the crucial elements. In my mind, it's pretty darn close to the equation for enjoying wine... Like I said it's a fine line.


Collin C. said...

"friends + food + wine = total wonder & bliss."

Just add a little adventure & Voila! A great equation for life!

La said...

It's not too much of a commitment picnicking in March here in Tennessee. It was about 65* F that day and since then, its hit about 80 degrees. There are very few months that we don't have wonderful picnicking weather (if you aren't opposed to ridiculous amounts of heat and humidity).

Jathan said...

Some of the most amazing and fun weddings I have been to have been incredibly simple and small. A few friends, some good food and wine, and a happy occasion certainly makes for a lasting memory.

g58 said...


I know Montreal spring.
I also have an idea that Spring in Prague is no Prague Spring. Eighty degrees in Memphis in March though!? You're killing me.