Saúde! Portuguese week is here

alentenjo wild hog from portugalFollow the bouncing hog: It's Portuguese week.

My last two posts have gone from wine cops to wild pigs. Today we arrive at a boar of another kind. The Portuguese piggie. Which is kind of what I am. With a battery of Portuguese red wines -- a self-confessed personal favourite of mine -- on sale throughout the province through the weekend, I simply have to make this announcement. Yes, this week will be a theme week. I can't help but hone in on the unique grape-cultivating country that is Portugal.

In Portugal, wines, as well as fortified wines, such as the renowned Port wine, are produced and then shipped all around the world. Just last night, wine expert Francois Chartrier was featured on Radio-Canada's Tout le monde en parle (speaking of going around the world), where he proclaimed to wine consumers everywhere the new age of the Portuguese red. Like him, I love the stuff: Often a bottle priced mid-range will leave you thinking that you're drinking wine of a considerably higher price. And now until Sunday March 5, a selection of these choice products are even less expensive than their already low list price. Some of the deals are advertised in this flyer.

So for those who have an interest in all things Iberian, stick around these pages for the next five days.

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