...but IP can't be!

Ever since I've had a blog and put a meter on my site, my IP address has alternated between Montreal and Bordeaux. I inquired about this with my Internet service provider. Apparently when I use the Internet, the DNS (Domain Name Server) obtains an IP for me automatically, based on wherever in the world an optimal connection exists. I asked the telephone agent whether these increasingly favourable IP addresses would influence the reception of my Premières Côtes de Blaye, or my Saint-Émilion. After some time on hold, the provider promised me full satisfaction. My review of a real optimal connection with a fantastic Bordeaux wine is thus on this site's immediate agenda.

heart-shaped chart site meter black valentineBackwash
So who gave Blogger.com this black valentine? I'm thinking it was sent to themselves.

It definitely wasn't delivered by me, even though Blogger, with its on-again, off-again connection outages in the week leading up to Valentine's Day, sculpted out of my Monthly Visits By Day chart a rather dramatically pointed and weeping heart (at left).

Thanks a lot Blogger for sending me such a poignant message. Talk about ripping out your aorta and stomping on it!

February 4th, the date of the interminable last-minute Blogger maintenance, featured hits to Weingolb that were among the lowest in this site's history. That sure is a bittersweet one to swallow. The sudden Saturday outage turned into a trend that cropped up all week long.

With Valentine's Days like that, I certainly don't need Guy Fawkes Days.

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