Kissed, like strangers on a train: Umani Ronchi Jorio 2002

Umani Ronchi Jorio 2002
It's a bit intriguing to me to compare my tasting notes with those taken by other drinkers. The Umani Ronchi Jorio 2002 is a Montepulciano varietal from Abruzzo -- or more simply and traditionally phrased, a Montepulciano d'Abruzzo -- and its reviews are easy to find splattered across the Internet. Wine of the Week describes it as an "Old World wine made in a succulent new world style". The Entoria Winecellars site provides tasting notes like "soft, rich, fruity bouquet of berry fruit and spice... these aromas are mirrored on the palate with added flavours of plums and liquorice." Agreed and concurred.

You see, there's also a online reference to Doktor Weingolb, which last December encouraged readers to get out a buy this "very rich and delicious red" -- a lusty wine, juicy with fruit, endowed with tones of rosemary and licorice, and possessing both finesse and savoury dryness on the finish to spare. Okay, quoting myself is a new low, but I padded it with some fresh material there. The point is I do find it interesting that the few notes I did take down about the Jorio are reflected throughout cyberspace. Specifically its richness and succulence, its réglisse, and its lengthy and lovely dry finish. Sentiments echoed everywhere from the blogosphere to the deepest bowels of my memory. This wine deserves such a legacy.

I don't recall what I ate with this memorable wine. However I do know that it was drunk on a train, and maybe in part that's why I didn't record as much information as I usually do. What is definitely clear: this kind of wine is killer with hearty meaty pastas. It's "often drunk with the regional Vincisgrassi [shown at right] pasta," says Mount Carmel Wines & Spirits. I didn't know what that was till I googled it. And now I can see why. Just looking at it makes my tastebuds ready for this divine match made in heaven. And there are even more stomach-rumbling ideas here.

Perhaps now you're asking why I would do a naughty thing like take the Jorio, which I purchased from a state-controlled commission like SAQ, and open it to share with others on a government-administrated utility like Via Rail Canada? I guess everyone's got a little libertarian in them. Passionate wines like this one are sure to help you find it.

Osimo, Italia. 13%.

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