Living in a Bordeaux state of mind

Up until very recently, I've been publishing all these posts directly from Bordeaux. Yet there was not one mention of cabernet sauvignon or merlot the entire time. So what gives?

Last week, as soon as I launched this wine blog, a minor December miracle happened. Montreal became Bordeaux, most fabled land of wine! Hard to believe but true. Just check out this visitor log, which records the location of Internet surfers.

Upon further analysis, not all visitors located in Montreal were recorded as stationed in Bordeaux. Only certain special IP addresses went from a Montrealais designation to a Bordelais one, i.e. IPs like mine. Lucky me. I wonder if this means that IP locations will become the new status symbol that personalized license plates and customized ring tones once were. Will only the hippest bloggers to manage to garner that sought-after IP location and add extra credibility to their posts?

My credibility is definitely running out -- a look at the latest tracking reports make it apparent that the location of my IP is once again in Montreal, and without so much as me setting foot on the sloping plains of Pomerol. And there's more deflating news. I lied yesterday when I said Salice Salentino was made from Primitivo grapes. The reserva blend from Taurino is actually a mix of Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera. Had I not been such a lazy linker, I could have avoided the mistake. Next time I promise to provide more links to topical information.

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