Led Zeppelin's favourite summertime wine? Pierre Delatour Colombard Chardonnay 2005

Pierre Delatour Colombard Chardonnay 2005
This ornate orange label holds behind it a simple slaking wine. In gold and green, a sundial with various odd glyphs à la Four Symbols is emblazed across the front of this vin de pays. Definite rockstar wine material. I'm thinking The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, Sonic Youth in Daydream Nation, but of course mostly this thingie.

At first taste this wine could almost be mistaken for lemon lime jello shooters served at a bar playing "Black Dog" where your older cousin has dragged you. You give the drink in front of you a chance since he's buying. Mmm. Not bad. And since there's lots of spritz, the refreshment value is certainly well delivered. Rock n' roll!

Your local bar should definitely be serving this wine. I picked up the Pierre Delatour Colombard Chardonnay 2005 because it was dirt cheap, fairly well-reviewed and white: three things I am not accustomed to seeing happen all at once. My impression is that this wine is no greater find than a Viña Sol from Torres but coming in under $10, it is much cheaper. I'd say it's easily more than a third cheaper than the everyday white bottles I buy.

The blend makes for a pale yellow colour. Its prickly mouthfeel almost generates some pucker but ends up dancing across your tongue -- a sign of a true summer wine performer. It seems to be mostly made from Colombard as there is not a lot of structure that you would think the Chardonnay grape would impart. Like the limited attributes of Vidal grapes, Colombard should be approached with a thirst that demands instant gratification. And perhaps some Zep.

Also good with a chef salad with loaded with ham and fresh yellow bell peppers.

Gascogne, France. 11.5%

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